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Application Of Membrane Structures

With the development of modern flexible materials from 1960th, architects from the tent with one of the oldest starting a simple architectural structure is constructed out of a magic-like form - membrane structure. It can constitute a single plane, multi-surface structure of various architectural forms, meet the architects of the building and aesthetic requirements of a high degree of unity.

Flexible material with a light transmission and anti-ultraviolet function, in a number of outdoor construction and environmental essay been widely used. It is precisely because of this feature, the night lighting design to membrane structures with distinctive features of the environmental mark.

Beautiful shape of the membrane, stainless steel fittings and fasteners plus a reasonable design of lightweight, rigid steel surface treatment support, create a form of beautiful, well-designed membrane structure, in today's worldwide design of the built environment plays an important status.

1. Recreational space
Recent years, along with deepening the concept of architectural space, as well as the continuous improvement of scientific methods, "return to nature" and "warm bath of nature" is a modern architecture, environmental studies have been the mainstream of development. Indoor and outdoor line of sight becomes increasingly blurred, there are also many also, the mutual penetration of the indefinite space, such as: patio, Four Seasons, zoological and botanical gardens, sports, culture and places of entertainment. As the membrane permeability of light during the day the sun can be formed through the membrane diffuse light, indoor and outdoor almost identical to the natural effect, membrane structure and the natural environment to create a space comparable to the form.

2. Landmark essay
Central area of a city reflects the geographical character of a city and national customs, and also a symbol of urban culture, level of development. The landscape design requiring a wide range of readability, widely appealing, not only refined the art of extraordinary value, but also making the general public loves. Membrane structure with its distinctive personality and identity of, applied to the design of urban comedy.

3. Green Walking Road
In recent years, in densely populated cities, in the residential areas around the allocation of green space and it was OK trail. Residents without vehicles under the influence of the residential area near the middle of the street relaxed and happy to walk, leisure, and feel very cozy. In the green space constructed a film comedy, the vivid landscape of the environment - as a vast oasis in the little white sail, another highly functional - and young people can walk nap.

4. Commercial Street
Commercial Street in the city occupies a large proportion. Commercial Street building and the environment are urban civilization of the window represents the level of material civilization and spiritual civilization, and also an important part of the landscape environment. Membrane structures very chic modern style, lightweight, and easy to install mobile, in the commercial street design can be widely applied.

5. Building Entrance
Building entrance so that urban public space and architectural space adjacent to the interface has become an integral part of urban space. It is the first visual contact with some of the people, therefore, in addition to other functions, but also has a strong identity of, and can reflect the architectural character

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