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Cutting Method Of Membrane Structures

1. Brief Introduction of Cutting

Membrane structure of the process of cutting splicing are subject to error in any case, this is because first of all with the flat surface on the diaphragm makes up space there will be errors, followed by anisotropic membrane cloth is non-linear materials, it tension into the curvature of space changing the shape, the inevitable discrepancy with the initial design shape. To date, have been established are many ways to deal with this problem. Which method is difficult to assess the accuracy of necessarily high, but still there are several standards that can be used to determine the cutting method is practical. That is the reliability, flexibility, and completion time.

2. Interactive cutting process of membrane structures

Cut seam layout

The surface membrane structures arranged to consider when cutting joints following factors:

1) 1) Surface curvature The previous cutting methods can not be given any point on the surface curvature. Because of this software is the song used in mask unit, so you can get the curvature of each unit. If the curvature of adjacent cells varied widely, indicating in this position, the surface distortion is very serious, if the cut does not cut off the seam here to re-start, then cut the boundaries of film pieces here will be a great arc. From the trend of changes in curvature of adjacent cells, you can determine the approximate geodesic direction.

2) The width of membrane materials Form-finding process, when meshing a plane, we must take into account the width of membrane materials. As far as possible included in a membrane fabric membrane unit is complete, otherwise it can be determined by interpolating the location of membrane block boundary points.

3) The trend of the boundary If the comparison boundary straight, you can consider using a membrane block long side, as this border. Otherwise, only blocks with multiple film spliced into a short side of that border.

4) appearance Because the membrane material has a translucent, the actual structure can clearly see the seam, so the layout must be slit cut rules, reasonable, and is best able to form some beautiful patterns in order to increase the beauty of the structure. If the membrane surface of cable or spinal cord compression settings, it is best to make the cutting cord or spinal cord compression joints with overlap, so that cable cannot upset weld pattern layout.

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