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Description Of Membrane Structural Knowledge

Membrane structure is a perfect combination of architectural and structural architecture. It is high-strength flexible thin-film materials and support system combine to form a stable surface has certain stiffness and can withstand a certain load of space outside the structure. Its owns features as shape freedom lightweight, fire-retardant, making easy to install, energy-efficient, safe, etc., and thus it has been widely applied throughout the world. This kind of structure are particularly suitable for large sports venues, the entrance corridor, comedy, public entertainment plaza, exhibition hall, shopping malls and other fields.

First, the membrane structure, the classification of the way from the structure can be divided into Frame Supported type, Tension Suspension type, and Pneumatic type. 1. Frame Supported Structure Steel or timber in order to constitute the skeleton of the roof, after the top-tensioned membranes, in its construction of the form of a high stability of the lower support structure, because the roof form is simpler, the Department of easy opening is restricted And cost-effective and high, widely applicable to any large and small-scale space.

2. Tension Suspension Structure With membrane, cables and pillars, the use of cables and pillars of tension in the membrane to import in order to achieve stability in the form of. In addition to practice with creative, innovative and beautiful shape, the membrane structure is the most able to show the spirit of the construction form. In recent years, a large span of space to use more material composition steel cables and compression cable network to support the upper part of the form of membranes. High precision due to the construction structural performance, so the cost of it is slightly higher than the frame supported Structure.

3. Pneumatic Structure Pneumatic Structure is fixed on the roof structure of membranes surrounding the use of air supply systems for indoor air pressure increases to a certain pressure to generate pressure difference inside and outside the roof in order to resist external forces, due to the use of air pressure , and the cable as an auxiliary material, without any beam, column support, more space available, the construction speed, cost-effective high, but the need to maintain a 24-hour blower operation, continuous operation and the cost of maintenance costs machine will aroused

Second, membrane materials for membrane structure in the membrane is a kind of strength, flexibility and good film material is determined by fibers woven into the fabric substrate, in its both sides with resin-coated substrate material of the fixing process the material into the center of the fabric substrate is divided into polyester fibers and glass fibers, but as a resin coating material used in PVC resin (PVC), silicone (silicon) and polytetrafluoroethylene resin (PTFE), In the mechanics fabric substrate and coating materials have an impact were the following functional properties. Fabric substrate - - tensile strength, tear strength, heat resistance, durability, fire sex. Coating Materials - - weather resistance, anti-fouling nature, workability, water resistance, light transmittance.

Third, the proper selection of membrane material Membrane structure of the membrane used in construction, according to the different coating materials can be divided into PVC membrane and PTEF membrane, membrane material should be considered the correct selection of the size of its construction, use, form, use a combination of factors such as age and budget, after decision.

PVC membrane: PVC-Coated Polyester PVC membrane than in materials and processing of PTFE membranes cheap, and has a soft texture, easy construction of advantages. However, in strength, durable life, fire, etc. worse performance than the PTFE membrane. PVC membrane is a polyester fabric coated with PVC (polyvinyl chloride) made, the general construction of the membrane, is a PVC-coated material surface treatment, coated with several micron-thick acrylic resin (acrylic), in order to improve anti-fouling nature. However, after several years will pale, defiled, deterioration. General durable PVC membrane length, depending on the use of environment is different in the 5 to 8 years. PVC membranes in order to improve the weather resistance, in recent years have been developed in order to fluorocarbon resin in the PVC coating material coating the surface treatment done in order to improve its weather resistance and anti-fouling of membranes. PVDF membrane: PVDF is an abbreviation of Polyvinylidene Fluoride, in the PVC membrane surface treatment to be known as the PVDF resin coating material PVDF membrane. PVDF membrane compared with the normal PVC membrane, durable and improved to 7 years to 10 years. PVF membrane: PVF is an abbreviation of Polyvinyl Fluoride. PVF membrane surface in the PVC membrane treatment with PVF resin made thin-film-like sheet (laminate) processing, better durability than the PVDF membrane, more anti-staining benefits. But because of processing, construction, fire resistance, both sexual and poor, so the use of use is restricted. PTFE Coated Fiberglass: PTFE membrane is ultra-fine glass fiber fabric, coated with Teflon resin formed material. PTFE membrane is the largest special micro-durability, fire resistance, and high anti-fouling. But the PTFE membrane and PVC membrane compared to the cost of materials and processing fees, high and soft and low, in order to avoid the construction on the glass fibers are broken, there must be special tools and construction techniques. Durability: The PTFE coating material to the acid, alkaline and other chemical substances and ultraviolet light is very stable and less prone to discoloration or broken. Glass fibers haves a long period of use, does not cause strength deterioration or to reduce tension. Membrane color is generally white, light transmission rate, durability, more than 25 years. Anti-pollution: a result of coating material for the PTFE resin, the surface friction coefficient is low, so easy to pollution, can be washed by rain. Fireproof: PTFE membrane in line with nearly all countries, a qualified fire protection material testing features, and can replace other roofing materials to use to do the same purpose.

Fourth, engineering applications and sports facilities - gyms, fitness centers and other transportation facilities - airports, train stations, bus stations, highway toll stations, gas stations and other cultural facilities - exhibition / conference center, theater, museums, zoos, aquarium viewing facility - the construction entrance, swimming pool sketch, residential promenade, outdoor plaza, park sketches, logos and construction of commercial facilities - shopping centers, restaurants, pedestrian streets and other industrial facilities - factories, warehouses, sewage water treatment centers, logistics centers, greenhouses and so on.

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