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Membrane Structures Introduction

Membrane structure called by tensioned membrane structure is constructed by fabric, which is tensioned membrane material for the main body, with the support component or structural system composed of cables, which with its innovative and unique architectural style, it becomes one of the main forms of large-span space inter-structure.

Membrane material refers to the polyester fiber cloth, or PVDF, PVF, PTFE, etc. different surface coating, coupled with high-quality PVC composition of a stable shape, and can withstand a certain load building textiles. Its life due to different surface coating varies, and can be as long as 12-50 years.

The features and applications of membrane structure: Membrane structure is a new form of architectural structure, which combines architecture, structural mechanics, fine chemicals and materials science, computer technology, integrated with high technical content. Of its surface with the architect's design needs can be an arbitrary change, combined with the overall environment, and building out the iconic image of the project.

Art: give full play to the architect's imagination, but also clearly reflects the structural members of the U.S. force.

Economy: Since the membrane has a certain transmission rate, during the day can reduce the light intensity and time, can be good energy conservation. At the same time the formation of night-time lights transmission gorgeous landscape can achieve a very good advertising effectiveness.

Large-span: membrane structure can be radically overcome the traditional structures in large-span (no support) to achieve the architectural difficulties can create a huge block of non-visual space, more space efficient use of space.

Self-cleaning: membrane building membrane with a protective coating will enable the building has a good self-cleaning effect, while ensuring that the service life of buildings. Short duration: film processing and production of construction were all completed in the factory, reducing on-site construction time to avoid the construction of cross-cutting, the relative short duration of traditional construction. Films can be widely used in building large-scale public facilities: stadium roof system, airport halls, exhibition centers, shopping malls, stations, etc., but also can be used for leisure facilities, the use of industrial facilities and signs or landscape architectural sketches and so on.

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