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The Features of Membrane Structure

Various types of membrane structure in the force analysis, design construction, production and installation are very different in degree of difficulty, applications are not the same, but they have the following common characteristics:

(1) Light weight
Total in the construction of large public construction projects, with a good performance and low cost. In large span structures using membrane structure than the traditional structure of light one or a few orders of magnitude, and the weight per unit area and the cost of the structure will not significantly increase with the span increased.

(2) Sleek, rich flavor of the times
Membrane structure breaks through the traditional architectural structure, easy to be molded into shapes, and colors rich in easy to form under the lights with the night scene, giving people the enjoyment of modern America. Also, because of its advanced technology, membrane structure, known as modern architecture, high-tech, 21st century buildings.

(3) Reduce energy consumption
Better self-translucent membrane materials, the transmittance rate of 7% ~ 20% or so, make full use of natural light during the day without the use of artificial lighting, fully able to meet the needs of a variety of sports competitions and other activities; film material refractive index of light 70% or more, in the sunlight, the room to form a soft astigmatism, gives a comfortable, dreamy feeling.

(4) Limits of construction period
Diaphragm cut production, cable and steel structure, etc. are all produced within the factory may be lower or structures of reinforced concrete structures such as at the same time, at the construction site is just cable, steel and membrane positioning and installation of tensioned connections process and is therefore in the field of construction and installation of more civilized, rapid fast.

(5) Significant economic benefit
Although the membrane structure is an investment project is slightly larger, but because of the structure of routine maintenance costs of such a very small (called "maintenance-free structure"), in the long run, the economic effect is very obvious. Such a structure, if used in large-span buildings, there are more prominent price advantage. The economic advantages of cable-membrane structure and space are proportional to the span and technical difficulty.

(6) Safe and reliable
Because of its light weight, better seismic performance; membrane structure is a flexible architecture that can tolerate large displacement, the overall collapse is not easy; and membrane materials are generally flame-retardant materials, are not easy to cause a fire.

(7) Easily detachable structure, easy to transport, can be used as roving performances, exhibitions, etc.
Such as the United States a company designed the music Punta designed by a company from United States covering an area of more than 300 square meters, its removal and installation of only using less than 6 hours.

(8) Widely used
From the climatic conditions of view, it applies to Alaska to Saudi Arabia from such a vast area; from the scale, it can be as small as a single person tents, garden piece, large enough to cover the tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of square meters of buildings. Some people even had envisaged coverage of a small town to realize man-made nature.

(9) Art:
give full play to the architect's imagination, but also reflects the beauty of the structure.

(10) Economy:
Since the membrane has a certain transmission rate, during the day can reduce the light intensity and time, can be good energy conservation.At the same time the formation of night-time lights transmission gorgeous landscape can achieve a very good advertising effectiveness.

(11) Large-span:
membrane structure can be radically overcome the traditional structures in large-span (no support) to achieve the architectural difficulties can create a huge block of non-visual space, more space efficient use of space.

(12) Self-cleaning of:
membrane building membrane with a protective coating will enable the building has a good self-cleaning effect, while ensuring that the service life of buildings.

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