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Product Categories


Mega Tensile Structures
Above 100K Sft
Tailor Made
Semi Permanent Structures
Delivery time is variable


Small Tensile Structures
Between 1K to 5K sft
For single car parks
Fast delivery
Easy Fitting


Large Tensile Structures
Between 50K to 100K sft
Tailor Made
Modular options
Limited Design options


Tiny Tensile Structures
Lesser than 1K
Very easy installation
Simple and Quick Designs
Self install manual


Medium Tensile Structures
Between 5K to 50K sft
Highly Modular
Ready Designs Available
Fantasy designs possible
Substantial experience

About Our Products

As a client one must understand that Tensile Fabric structures are never off-the-shelf items. There is always an element of tailoring required.

Of course existing designs can be modified depending on the specifications provided, but the beauty of Tensile Structures is the uniqueness achievable with minimum of creativity and reasonable engineering !

The range of products offered by Tensile Structures of India is organized in this section to give you an understanding of our abilities.

If you are having an event coming up that requires shaded area and design concepts in the "may be tough to achieve" category then look not far.

Our products can be used for Temporary as well as Permanent structures.

Specializing purely by the virtue of experience and network we can deliver jobs within a timeframe and budget you need.

All our products can be designed to feature :

  • * All sides covering
  • * Modular Structures
  • * Quick Install Structures

All our products can be designed to feature :

  • * Mining
  • * Oil and Gas
  • * Sports and Recreation
  • * Military
  • * Aviation
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