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The Advantage of Membrane Structure

Cable-reinforced membrane architecture can not only meet the functional requirements of traditional architecture in general, but also obvious advantages:

1. A reasonable cost: Inflatable structures and construction cost is only about 1/3-1/2 of the cost of traditional architecture; tension cost structure, depending on span and design quite different, but its price compared to traditional building methods effectiveness than the more prominent.

2. The construction cycle is short: membrane structure of the construction cycle as compared with the traditional architecture can be shortened for at least half; general project can be completed within three months.

3. Large span: At present, the largest membrane structure building spans more than 200 meters.

4. Form a unique, novel appearance, color rich, unique.

5. Easy to move relocation or renovation. Scope of application: all kinds of sports architecture, exhibition buildings, entertainment shows buildings and facilities, airport buildings and facilities, coastal recreation and leisure buildings and facilities, storage buildings or large-scale temporary facilities, construction sketches, all kinds of translucent roof or skylight atrium, other type light large-span column-free space or a light roof.

Environment is a modern city, modern architecture, modern culture and society, modern life and the concept of an integrated appearance. Cable-reinforced membrane construction with durable, high strength, fire protection, self-cleaning and other features to make full use of sunlight, air, and easy integration with the natural environment characteristics, it expresses the "architectural language feature" became apparent "rational technical performance of the" tendency, towering mast, special-shaped space steel structure system, such as beams cable, rich in a large steel machine charm nodes, filled with the natural curve of the changing membrane tension, as well as other technical elusive body of a large-span free-space have to give people a sense of artistic appeal and technical mystery. In the show's individuality, self-entertainment and the diversity of environmental space, the cable-membrane building has charming architectural features, cable-membrane building as a modern engineering structure, showing the current architecture and the scientific level of development. As the new materials, new technologies continue to emerge, cable-membrane building has strong vitality, its application scope is not limited to sports, exhibitions and other buildings, the traditional ancient building materials and technology is bound to be light and thin and the thermal insulation properties of Good high-strength lightweight materials replaced by cable-membrane architecture in today's revolutionary changes in the construction industry plays a major role in the construction sector in a wider range of applications can be foreseen. The new century, China's construction market on the demand for cable-membrane construction techniques significantly increase in cable-membrane architecture in the construction area will occupy an important position, solid and has broad prospects for development can be described as glorious future.

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